Debbie Burkhoff

About Debbie Burkhoff

I graduated from Syracuse University in 2010 with a BFA focusing in graphic design and advertising. I’ve had multiple positions in the design space such as branding & packaging, online marketing, B2B website design and news design.

My current position at Fox News is as the Associate Director of Design. I began there in 2013 and have grown as a designer and team member by collaborating with the editorial team and with other departments in the organization.

I consider myself a chameleon. I feel I am able adapt a visual style from any client and expand upon it across any multi-media platform. I also learned front-end development languages to ensure that my work is not only beautiful but feasible with today’s development standards. With 15 years of experience using the Adobe Creative Suite and newly incorporated programs such as Sketch and InVision, I continue to persue my passion of creating user centric experiences and data driven sites.