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What I did

Designed a website to promote the launch of mobile application called Velocity.


Velocity is a mobile application which offers last minute dinner reservations at high-end restaurants in urban cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Miami. The goal was to drive intrigue to this premium service and to encourage app downloads. I was hired to design a multi-page website to be used by potential business partners and PR representatives.

food I designed a section that showed participating cities with a slider including popular restaurants from that city. Images of each restaurant were provided and I collected each restaurant logo to create the composites.


I created a look based on the "V" logomark by using it as a graphical element throughout the site. The buttons I designed were slanted to hint on the shape of the "V." The content in the footer is also framed using an upside down triangle. The rest of the site uses images that show rich interiors of restaurants available on the app. Finally, a high-end style is accomplished by incorporating a dark color palette.

landing The opening hero image for the homepage.